COVID-19 Urgent Message

As-salamu Alaikum,

Malton Masjid has learnt that one of the congregant has tested positive for COVID-19.

Last time, he attended the Masjid was on Friday, October 9th (during 4th Jumuah prayer). Person is currently self-isolating at home.

Based on conversation with health officials, regretfully we advise everyone that the Masjid will be temporarily closed from October 16th (from Fajr salah) until further notice and directions from the Peel Public Health.

Any congregant who has attended 4th Jumuah prayer (October 9th) or thereafter are requested to monitor their symptoms. If required, consult with PPH (Peel Public Health) for further directions and testing.

JazakumAllahu khair for your cooperation and understanding. We ask Allah Subhanahu wa’tala to keep us safe and pray for speedy recovery for those affected.

Management – Malton Masjid