Project Overview

The Anjuman E Anwarul Islam of Malton is a non profit organization that has been established since 1989. Since its inception, it has been providing Islamic services such as Five times Salaat, Islamic Education for over 170 children on a daily basis, Hifz classes, Jumuah and Traveeh prayers. Other services include the Malton Muslim Youth Club that supports sports programs such as Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Cricket. The residents of this area are in a dire need of a facility to call their own, that would be a base to provide all the activities listed about as well as others.

In this regards a plot of land was purchased on the corner of Airport and Derry Road. This land has been paid in full by the resident Muslims of the community and building permit has been given by the City of Mississauga to commence constriction.

The Masjid will be constructed in Three Phases:

Levelling of ground, Foundation and Basement

Outer structure of the Masjid, Interrior fittings and design

Minaret and Dome

Please make cheques / Pledges Payable to:
Anjuman E Anwarul Islam of Malton
7205 Goreway Drive
P.O. Box 59078
Mississauga, Ontario
L4T 4J1

905 671 8777


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Jazzak Allah kheir for your support.

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