Quran and Nasheed Program – Recording

As-salamu Alaikum,

Quran and Nasheed Program – Recording

Alhamdulillah, with His mercy and everyone’s dua, Quran and Nasheed program was successful and very well attended.

We are grateful to all the participants for attending this program, to Qurras for accepting invitations to recite, to sponsors for the financial help, to organizers for the logistics and setup of this program and the volunteers for dedicating their time on arranging & serving food and help with cleanup.

May Allah reward everyone abundantly and showed His mercy on us. May Allah give us true understanding of the Quran.

Here is a link to download an audio recording of program.


*If you need help to save an audio recording, please visit the Masjid office with USB or other preferred device and the staff will gladly assist you.*

Once again, Jazakumullah for your support and dua.

Malton Masjid